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E-Mail Addresses for Zebra Fans Everywhere!!
3 great addresses to choose from!!

ImaZebraFan.com  ImaZebra.com  GoZebras.com  

Forwarded to your current E-mail address
and/or forwarded straight to your phone as a text

When someone sends you an email,  you receive it at the same place you currently get your email, as well as having it converted to a text so your phone can notify you the second it arrives. There's no setting up another email address to log into, or worrying about more usernames and passwords. Whichever way you prefer, or we can set it up both ways. It's All Included!!


Check Your Email Just Like You Always Have
No New Logins or Passwords to Remember

Show Your School Spirit
Tell People Who You Love!
Get important E-Mails immediately.
Have someone reach you by phone
without having to give out your number!

Find out if the e-mail address you want is available.
Using the drop down menu
Choose your Category-Choose Your Email


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Get an e-mail address that can be
converted to a text.

Get an e-mail address that can be forwarded to
your current email address.

Be notified immediately when it comes in, plus have it in your mailbox when you get back home or to the office.


Some folks may remember the old party line where everyone could listen to your conversation when you or your folks talked on the phone? Now many people question whether generic and free email addresses out there may be very similar to those old time party lines.

Let Us Help You
Get your own domain name so you can have email addresses that BELONG to you & the whole family can use forever.

It's like getting your own private phone, and getting off the party line where everybody knows your business.
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